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“Aid Network India” is an initiative of “NeoGandhian Aid Organizations India” (a section 8 not for profit company incorporated under the Indian Companies act vide CIN No.: U93000MH2012NPL231899. Donations to “NeoGandhian Aid Organizations India” qualify for deduction U/S 80G(5) (vi) of IT Act1961: Vide Commissioner of IT (Exemptions) Order No :CIT(E)/80G/444/N(2014-15)/2017-18. Aid Network is established to bring together like minded individuals who are interested in extending aid and taking part in aiding various social causes under one umbrella.


Homes For The Aged

The goal of “Aid The Aged” is the well-being of older persons. It aims to strengthen their legitimate and respectful stand in the society and help them to live the last phase of their lives with purpose, dignity and peace.
We are happy to announce that “Aid The Aged” is

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Homes For The Orphans

Homes For The Orphans programme aims at finding a loving home for every orphaned child in India. In the first instance we make an endeavour to reunite a child with a parent or a relative. If not possible then we take efforts to find alternative care options which. While a child is in transition we take

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Aid The Harassed

Sexual abuse and assault of women and children has become rampant in India. The number of cases coming to light are growing at a very rapid pace. “Aid The Abused” is committed to prevention of sexual abuse, harassment, assault and rape.

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Homes For Destitutes

Homes For Destitutes programme aims at providing immediate care for destitutes and thereafter extend vocational training help and create an opportunity for them to live with dignity and earn a  livelihood.Support and vocational training help the destitute to live with dignity and earn a livelihood.

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Aid The Environment

Ignorance and greed of humanity has caused phenomenal destruction of our environment. It is urgent and important to take necessary steps to protect environment and establish a balance. “Aid The Environment” is committed to protecting the environment. As a part of this programme NeoGandhian has been supporting the River March

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Aid Fight Corruption

Transparency International’s corruption perception index has ranked India in the 79th place out of 176 countries. Corruption in India has adversely effected economic development, and not allowed the benefits of development to reach the really needy and the poor. Corruption in India has created violence and lawlessness in Indian society. It has dimin­ished morality

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Why Join Us

You should join us if you wish to add quality to your life.

Where there is love there is life said Mahatma Gandhi. He also said, the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. LOVE is the best AID anyone can give anyone in need. GIVE LOVE is the simple philosophy of AID NETWORK INDIA.
Our vision is an India where every citizen leads a good quality life.
Our Mission is DREAM INDIA; an India where every citizen is able to lead a dignified life of quality. We will work towards achieving this mission earliest but not later than 15th August 2047.
Chief Trustee : Maj Madhukar Katragadda (Retd) Trustee: Mrs. Sheela Kollipara
OUR PRAYER (Inspired by the prayer of National Defence Academy, Kharakvasla) Oh God! Help us to keep ourselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight and that in doing our duty to thee and to our country we may keep the honour of our families, our organizations, our state and nation untarnished. Strengthen us to protect humanity from aggression and strife. Awaken in us an admiration for honest dealing and clean thinking and guide us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. Kindle our hearts with comradeship for fellow humans and loyalty for our Country. Endow us with courage that is born of love for what is noble and which knows no compromise when truth and right are in peril. Grant us new opportunities to serve thee, the humanity, the environment and our country and our World and ever help us to place such service before self




for a Cause Close To Your Heart

What people say

I understand the difficulties that people at there faced. In order to contribute to resolve this problems, our nonprofit organization usually part in charity events and activities.
I always want to join charity activities. Their activities gave me a lot of experience, i go to many land, meet many people and know that there are many poor people that need our help.
I understand the difficulties that people at there faced. In order to contribute to resolve this problems, our nonprofit organization usually part in charity events and activities.



Martyrs Day rally

Martyrs Day Rally is an annual event conducted on every 30th of January to pay homage to all martyrs who made supreme sacrifices for the safety, security and welfare of our Nation.

River march

River March is a peoples' movement initiated in Mumbai with the main objective of initiating actions to rehabilitate the rivers in India. NeoGandhian has been a key supporter of this event right from its inception. This event is conducted in the first week of March every year in remembrance of Dandi March conducted by Mahatma Gandhi.

Mission 2047 - Dream India

Mission 2047 - Dream India is an event conducted on every 15th of August. The objective of this event is to focus the minds of the participants on the need to make Dream India real by 15th August 2047 that is by the time India is 100 years old.